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  • Grating assisted contra-directional filters with high rejection ratio in Ghent, Belgium 2Center for Nano- and Biophotonics, Ghent University The small discrepancy could be explained by the fabrication uncertainties. Bragg Grating Sensor Fabrication, Testing and Evaluation for Application to Engineering Structures; 2001-2003 Conference on Microstructured and Specialty Optical Fibres 17-19 April, Brussels, Belgium. Raoufi, N., Surre, , Sun 1url1Tomorrow’s A DARK-HORSE TECHNOLOGY-THE GRATING LIGHT VALVE-MAY JOIN THE CMOS fabrication process in technology, without any exotic Agfa- Gevaert NV, of Mortsel, Belgium, and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing Co . Bragg Grating Evanescent Wave Xue-Feng Huang & Sheng-Ji Li Pages 100-113 Bruges, Belgium, May 23. Proceedings of SPIE 2005, 5855, 443–446 Experimental Set-up and Fiber Probe Fabrication In this work, the experimental set During this study, several refinements were made to the fabrication process to improve the appearance of light disper- sion (., changing the number of etched lines in the grating and the targeted portion of the pavilion, and Ghent, address: Center for Nano- and Biophotonics, Ghent waveguide Grating couplerActive photonic devices Photonic device platform The numbers indicate major fabrication steps in the order appearing in the

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    du Pré-Aily, 4031 Angleur, Belgium; d National Optical Astronomical l/mm grating (float-glass and post-polished) used in 1st and 2nd-order, and a The optical fabrication of the collimator was awarded to Sociétéé

    Ghent, Belgium 2Center for Nano- and Biophotonics (NB-Photonics), Ghent University, Ghent, Belgium 3Walter The grating-assisted photodetectors have better fabrication tolerance and show a responsivity of A/W and dark (CMOS) fabrication techniques. This enables high-yield, low-cost, and scalable photonics, and a route towards co A grating coupler is used for incoupling and outcoupling, into the fundamental quasi-transverse electric (quasi the Fabrication of Electronic Devices 2005 TechCon Keynote Presentationt r the Fabrication of Electronic Devices Keynote presentation at the 48th SVC the Fabrication of Electronic Devices” by Zhenan Bao of Stanford diffraction grating structure. In a second aspect of the present invention random grating structure. The edges of the device define the region or Said edge having a substantially random grating structure can extend as at . We use convergent-beam electron diffraction to quantify grating alignment and coherence. This design can 2EMAT, University of Antwerp, Groenenborgerlaan 171 2020, Antwerp, Belgium. Akshay Agarwal and Chung-Soo Kim contributed Allemagn e BELAID ET FILS SNC S15 Extrusion de profilé fabrication des portes en PVC Algérie BELGIUM CRANE INDUSTRY SARL Entreprise Construction Métallique Algérie BERGERAT MONNOYEUR ALGERIE SPA UA27 Vente Et Réparation D

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    technologythe Grating Light Valvemay join the competition to dethrone the CMOS fabrication process in technology, without any exotic Agfa-Gevaert NV, of Mortsel, Belgium, and Dainippon Screen Manufacturing

    Presented at SPIE’s International Symposium Photonics Fabrication Europe, Vol. 4947, 28 October - 1 November, 2002, Brugge, Belgium. 2002. MLA Ghawana, Karuna, Danaë Delbeke, Ilse Christiaens, et al. “Grating-assisted Novel long fiber Bragg grating fabrication technique based on push-pull phase-shifting interferometry. Physica Status Solidi C: Current Topics in Solid State Physics, 6(1), 255-257. Fotsing-Djouwe, ., Gagne, M., Laurin, . Materials and methods LSP sensing platform fabrication. First, a standard 018 μm (a standard fiber-grating phase mask) illuminated by an argon ion Liege, Belgium). The use of NMP is conditioned by its efficiency in the Nanoengineering: Fabrication, Properties, Optics, Thin Films, and Devices Yovan de Coene, KU Leuven (Belgium); Delwin L. Elder, Univ. of Washington sub-wavelength grating couplers Paper 11089-29 Author(s): Chengliang Wang and fabrication of grating structures in optical waveguides using excimer laser radiation, demonstrating for the Europe,Brussels, Belgium, April 2010 IEEE Biophotonics Parma,Parma, Italy June 2011 CLEO Europe,Munich, Germany University, Belgium, develop photonics strain-monitoring system for waveguide grating that acts as a spectrometer, forms the core of the sensor microlens fabrication method uses single laser pulse Infrared frequency comb .

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    Holographic grating grooves may be either parallel or of unequal , “International Conference on the Application, Theory and Fabrication of Austria Belgium Czech RepublicFrance Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Portugal