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Available Heavy Duty Steel Grating Applications Trestle

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  • For heavy rolling load (forklifts, cars and trucks), choose heavy duty steel grating instead. Trench Drain Systems is able to provide trench drain and deck grating for both light duty and heavy duty applications. Steel bar styles include welded, dove tail and swaged with a variety of thicknesses and bar spacing. Non Galvanized and Galvanized Steel Bar Flooring. Kingde offers two types of steel bar flooring according to surface treatment: Non-galvanized and Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Bar Grating Floor Panels. Grating structures find wide applications in industrial flooring and sidewalks. The grating made of steel profiles has the advantages of economic,durability and pleasing to the eye. Heavy-duty welded steel grating is manufactured by fusing bearing bars and cross bars together at high temperatures to form a permanent joint. This type of grating utilizes deeper and thicker bearing bars to provide greater durability, strength and rigidity than light-duty grating options. Made by forming and punching metal, McNICHOLS ® Plank Grating comes in a variety of materials including Aluminum, Carbon Steel, Galvanized Steel, and Stainless Steel. Different construction types consist of Plank, Walkway (both with Heavy-Duty options), Interlocking, Extruded Interlocking, and Heavy-Duty Plank. Stainless Steel Drain Grate Types. Slotted grating is a very versatile type of stainless steel drain grate and can be used in any application, from light-to-heavy duty. Slotted grating is available in 12 ga., 10 ga., ¼” or ½” plate, using 304 or 316 stainless steel. Bar grating is used for drains in high traffic and high flow areas Steel bar grating lists: galvanized steel grating, welded steel grating, heavy duty steel grating, light type steel bar grating, standard welded steel grating, walkway steel grating, flat steel grating and so on.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Grating Information, Types and Order

    Heavy Duty Steel Grating. Heavy duty welded gratings are made of carbon steel and stainless steel. The former products are available bare, painted with hot galvanizing. The latter products are available mild finish, electro- polished.

    Metal Bridge Grating Offers Many Options for Special Applications. Bridge deck gratings are often heady duty metal gratings. They can stand up with loads from heavy traffic such as automobiles, trucks and other vehicles. Steel and aluminum are two economical materials to manufacture deck gratings. Are you wondering what bar grating is all about, well it is one of the most common things which can be seen in commercial buildings. However when it comes to its uses and applications, it has various residential uses as well and can fulfil various purposes. Unless specified, stainless steel grating will have a mill finish. The heat from the electroforge process produces a discoloration to the surface of the welded area. Electro-polishing is a means to remove the discoloration and is available upon request. At Laurel Custom Grating, we've built our business and reputation manufacturing heavy-duty steel bar grating, our core product line. We manufacture hand welded heavy-duty grating, which is by far the most efficient process, as it provides job-shop versatility without sacrificing economy. Heavy Duty Grating 19 Space Load Table Heavy Duty Grating 22 Space Load Table Heavy Duty Grating 30 Space Load Table Heavy Duty Grating 38 Space Load Table Cross Bar Selection While bearing bar selection is critical for specifying a proper heavy duty grating, the life cycle of your installation will often be influenced by the selection of the Our Heavy Duty Grating is a tougher alternative to regular grating, designed to withstand higher load applications. Our heavy duty grating has an aperture of approximately 26 x 26 mm. The heavier load bars provide significantly greater load bearing capabilities.

  • Heavy Duty Diamond Safety Grating - Marco Specialty Steel

    Marco Specialty Steel is the leading supplier and fabricator for Heavy Duty Diamond Safety Grating. These heavy duty products offer the advantage of regular diamond safety grating, but are designed for applications of greater load and/or longerdesign is the same, but diamond openings are larger and metal is thicker.

    Molded Heavy Duty Fiberglass Grating. Our molded heavy duty fiberglass grating has a 48% open surface area. At Direct Metals, molded heavy duty fiberglass grating is available in a 4' x 12' panel with depths of 1-1/2 and 2 inches and comes standard in a fire-retardant vinyl ester resin system, dark gray color, with a gritted surface. Welded Heavy Duty Grating Welded Heavy Duty Gratings are designed to service applications subject to heavy rolling and static loads such as highways, plant floors, loading docks, inlet covers, and airports.Carbon steel products are available bare (no finish), painted with manufacturers standard paint, or hot dip galvanized. This kind of steel grating is the most commonly used in projects with American, Australian, Japan standards are available. This kind of gratings are featured well by heavy duty, well resistance of strong impact on surface. Gratings with cross bar centers at 50mm can bear lateral impact well. Grating is used broadly across many rugged industrial and commercial applications. Common uses for gratings range from walkways, ventilation, trench covers, electrical ground mats and architectural applications such as louvers and security fencing. Grating is available in numerous material types and finishes, let P&R Metals help in determining the right grating product for your application. If your application calls for maximum support of wheel and vehicular traffic, McNICHOLS ® Heavy-Duty Welded Series Bar Grating is the right choice. If you need Accessories for your Heavy-Duty Welded Grating selections, please select "Accessories" to view available products to complete your project or design. Our trestle stands are available for supporting dies, moulds and many other materials. In addition to our standard models we engineer and manufacture custom designed stands to meet your specific needs. Our Trestle stands are designed for heavy loads in industrial and construction applications. All welded construction and no bolts that can loosen.

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    A Little Bit of Information on Trench Grating . R&S Grating stock a large range of trench grating in a variety of styles and sizes. There are two main factors in choosing the best trench grate for any application, the size of the trench and the load rating of the grate. Click to read more on trench sizing and load ratings.