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Steel Bar Grating Load Tables Standard Sizes Afghanistan

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  • HEAVY DUTY STEEL BAR GRATING Heavy Duty Welded steel bar grating is used in heavy load areas subject to heavy rolling and static loads. Applications include highways, plant flooring, inlet covers, airports, rail yards, ramps, docks, etc. Bar thickness ranges up to 5/16” thick and can be either smooth or serrated for enhanced skid resistance. Bar grating types are specified by bearing bar spacing followed by cross rod spacing. In imperial measurements, bearing bar spacing is described in sixteenths of an inch. Therefore, Type 19 has bearing bar centers at 19/16 of an inch (or 1 3/16”). Type 15 has bearing bar centers at 15/16”. Type 11 is at 11/16” etc. the load bar measure, . 815 x 1000 mm. Width of grating = length of cross bars Grating height = height of load bearing bars Panels can be laid out with matching cross bars. Valid for panels with the same length of load bars Flat bar welded to the ends of the load bearing bars connecting them together Has the same function as the binding bar, but usually only 15 mm high. Material: ASTM A-569 standard Deflection: Spans and loads to the right of the bold line exceed 1/4" deflection for uni-form load of 100 psf which provides safe pedestrian comfort. These can be exceeded for other types of loads with engineer's approval. Serrated Bars: For serrated grating, the depth of grating required for a specified load is 1/4" 15-W-4 Bearing bars spaced at 15/16" on center and cross bars at 4" on center. The closer spaced bearing bars increase load capacity by more than 26% when compared to similar gratings produced with bearing bars at 1-3/16" on center. 15-DT-4 75% 15-SL-4 15-W-2 Bearing bars spaced at 15/16" on center and cross bars at 2" on center. Grating Pacific is the western region's leading supplier of quality Steel Bar Grating Products. Call (800) 321-4314

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    Load Tables At Harsco Industrial IKG (IKG) we are concerned with providing the safest possible grating and the longest grating life for every application. The following PDF files detail the load charts for the metal bar grating industry standard size steel, aluminum and stainless steel grating, as well as for standard stair treads.

    LIGHT DUTY LOAD TABLE WELDED STEEL BAR GRATING Welded steel bar gra ing imanuf actured by re stance-weld process. Crossbars are fused to bearing bars to form a permanen tjoint. Economi cal, ye durable for most appli a-tions. Available in standard panel widths of 2' or 3' and lengths of 20' or 24'. Steel Bar Grating Spacing Tables Here are spacing tables of welded and press locked steel gratings . You can refer to the open area and specific applications of each type and decide which type is ideal for your projects.