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  • McNICHOLS GRIP STRUT ® Stair Tread Plank is the product of choice for strength, safety, and load bearing capability. Made with a serrated surface, GRIP STRUT ® is the most aggressive skid or slip-resistant Grating Stair Tread Plank available. In addition to its surface profile, GRIP STRUT ® Stair Tread Planks have a 1-1/4” flat shelf on the leading edge of the Plank, allowing room to The 7/16" on center bearing bar spacing is safe for high heel traffic. Stair Tread Bar Grating. Bar Grating Stair Treads are offered in a welded construction and is made with a nosing that is welded to the leading edge of the tread. End plates can be welded to the ends of the treads to mechanically fasten to stair stringer channels. Direct Metals offers Grip Strut™ safety metal grating and stair treads that help reduce accident rates by providing a safer walking-working surface more than any other metal grating product on the market. Our Grip Strut™ metal safety floor grating and stairs treads have a serrated surface that provides maximum slip protection in all Request a Quote Overview. ALGRIP® Slip-Resistant Metal Stair Treads, Tread Repair Covers and Nosings provide maximum protection against slips and falls on stairways. Unique laser-welded deposits deliver unparalleled durability and traction, making this technology a smart choice for high-traffic applications in workplace or public settings. Steel Grating. Steel bar grating is the staple of the grating industry, mainly used for flooring applications. They can be fabricated to suit any customers' needs. Welded Bar Grating. The most economical choice of steel grating product. This grating is manufactured by an electro-forging process, welding rectangular bearing bars and cross rods. Bridge decking designed to support vehicular traffic and heavy loads is manufactured by cold-press riveting truss shaped recticuline bars to rectangular bearing bars. The resulting product is an exceptionally durable heavy-duty grating with superior stiffness and lateral stability.

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    - Tread sizes cut to suit Dura Tread structural stair treads have been designed for new and replacement staircase construction to provide a solid permanent footing. The proven gritted anti-slip surface has one of the highest degrees of slip resistance ever measured for a walking surface. Standard nosing is a highly visible yellow. Ohio Gratings, Inc. is the leading provider of aluminum grating and stainless steel gratings in a market that demands quality products and service. McNICHOLS ® Grating Stair Treads are assembled with the very best quality and craftsmanship available. Stair Treads are common in residential, industrial, and architectural applications. Made from panels of Bar, Plank, or Fiberglass Gratings, we are certain to have the right combination to meet your project requirements. Heavy Duty Grating is a pultruded bar type grating that can be designed and used like traditional metal grates. The solid individual bearing bars are designed to take heavy wheel traffic such as fork lifts, tow motors and truck traffic. Heavy duty grating is constructed of the same type composite used in the other products. Traction Tread Grating – Plank, Sheet, & Ladder Rungs. Traction Tread ™ panels feature perforated raised button surface that allows spillage to drain, as wells break oil film, detergent, and other slippery agents away from the walking surface. Features • Ideal for pedestrian traffic • ADA compliant • Useful anywhere a light slip- Ultra close-mesh Peds & Treads Heavy Duty Bar Grating with 1/4" openings is specially designed for street and sidewalk applications where the pedestrians in high heels, bicycles and wheel chairs must be accommodated while providing load carrying capacity for truck traffic.

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    Tru-Weld Heavy Duty Steel Bar Grating is commonly used for floor trenches and sump covers exposed to heavy equipment traffic. It is used extensively through out mining, power generation, highways, airfields, and on truck terminal loading docks and ramps. It is suitable for large single span conditions or where grating must be support extreme loads.

    Index To Questions & Answers ForOSHA spells out that bar grating treads must be of their anti-skid design unless they have anti-skid nosing. From this, we make the assumptionand sometimes 6” wide material if there is a lot of heavy traffic or light wheel loads being applied. Stair Treads. Safe, durable, and slip resistant, stair treads are used widely in commercial, industrial, and architectural sites. Golden State Grating can custom fabricate all stair treads, in a variety of material types, to meet any size you need for your application. Pressure locked grating is the grating of choice for architectural applications, including close mesh grating for high traffic public pedestrian areas and ornamental grilles. IKG manufactures pressure locked grating in a full-range of materials: carbon steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. Diamond-Strut grating stair treads feature diamond opening with serrated surface and provide maximum slip-resistance to all shoes. Read More .-Grip safety plank grating consisting of closely-spaced raised buttons provides huge slip-resistance for pedestrian traffic of industrial and commercial areas. Read More . Aluminum Step Treads Cast Iron Step Treads Diamond Treads Fiberglass Step Treads Grating Treads Ladder Treads Rubber Step Treads Stainless Steel Step Treads Steel Step Treads Step Treads Vinyl Step TreadsThis solid fiberglass grating is good for wheel traffic and areas where you don't want small items and debris to fall through.