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Serrated Bar Grating Stair Treads Applications Traffic Myanmar

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  • Grip Strut Stair Treads features an aggressive serrated surface that grips soles securely in all directions providing maximum slip protection under practically all environmental condition. Perfect for all working surfaces where rain, snow, grease and mud create slippery or hazardous conditions. Select Channel Height and Grating Length for pricing. Industrial Grating Fabrication Services At Argus Steel , our industrial metal gratings are available as stock panels or custom fabricated to your size and specs. Offered as bar gratings, plank gratings, or planks, we have a choice of standard spacing for normal pedestrian traffic or close mesh for high heels or ADA compliance. Overview. M c NICHOLS ® Bar Grating brings safety, strength, durability, and character when installed in either industrial or architectural applications. Common applications include catwalks, factory floors, platforms, railing infill panels, and Stair Treads. A series of bearing bars are welded, swaged and locked, or pressure-locked with perpendicular crossbars to form Grating panels. Shop Bar Grating online at Brown-Campbell. Offering a wide variety of bar grating types and constructions including: carbon steel grating, aluminum grating, stainless steel grating, bar grating stair treads, and bra grating anchoring devices. BAR GRATING SPECIFYING & ORDERINGDetermine if your application requires a smooth, serrated or grooved product surface. CONSTRUCTION TYPE PERCENT OPEN AREAand/or sizes (cut-to-size pieces, areas, Stair Treads) and cut types (random, uniform, equal stub). Areas exceeding standard panel widths are provided in multiple pieces to width. Industrial strength welded carbon steel metal stair treads increase safety and stand up to high foot traffic. Great for use in industrial facilities or outdoor sites where slippery conditions occasionally exist. Helps provide protection against slips in areas prone to oil or other hazardous elements.

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    Standard Swage Locked I-Bar Aluminum Grating Panels Bar grating, bearing bars are non-slippery. Suitable for walkways and trench grates. 3/8 Serrated Aluminum Flat bar weld grating. Stair Treads of Aluminum Grating with Chequered Plate Nosing. We provide stair treads with many specifications and shapes, no nosing or plate nosing styles.