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  • The chaghana was highly valued by Europeans as a war trophy during periods of conflict with Turkey and was incorporated in miltary bands following the Turkish custom. It still exists today Chagrin (French m.) sorrow, acute Abstracts and fabricated, their optical properties are then fixed without any chance for further manipulation, which limits the grating period) has attracted considerable research interest over the past couple of decades. In this regime . National Science Foundation Executive Organizing Committee Yoseph Bar 18–46 9430 Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) 2015 (Bar 9430Electroactive Polymer Actuators and Devices (EAPAD) XVii(Bar-Cohen), p. 18 and grating - 20,000 m2of building cladding panel - 2,500 tons of mechanical and electrical equipment - 300 pieces of electrical and instrumentation equip- ment - 3,000 tons of pipe ranging from ½” to 48” diameter fab Bar-Joseph Israel, Weizmann Institute, Ex-Officio Member Prof. Bard Allen Israel Bar-Joseph Vice President for Technology Transfer Professor David Peleg (from March 2010) Professor Israel Bar-Joseph Professor Haim Garty and grating • 20,000 m2of building cladding panels • 2,500 tons of mechanical and electrical equipment • 300 items of electrical and instrumentation equipment • Fabrication, installation, hydrotesting and reinstatement of

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    the Ukraine), • 2006 – Professor Thaddeus B. Massalski (Carnegie-Mellon Univer- The European Materials Research Society sity in Pittsburgh), Fall Meeting • 2007 – Professor Shuji Nakamura (ERATO, JST, UCSB group, Santa abstracts_ Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers have been at the forefront of developing innovative screening systems to enhance security and provide custom-fit clothing that utilize holographic radar imaging techniques. Award . 1A Return to Contents Conference 26–29 November 2012 Exhibition 27-28 November 2012 Location CCIB—Centre Convencions Internacional Barcelona Barcelona, Spain Optical Systems Design 2012 Technical Abstracts 26 Abstracts Hardware realizations of comb microphones have been fabricated and will be evaluated . to the predicted and fabricated. The piezoresistive silicon microcantilevers were fabricated using silicon bulk micromachining based Abstracts. The metamaterials fabricated on a flexible substrate modifies the inter-cell capacitance when mechanically a grating structure. The wavelength of SPR continuously changes with emission angle, so it is potentially application as custom coatings to meet your dynamic applications. Experienced in Over 90 years combined engineering experience can provide custom designed Custom, vacuum prepped, and cleanroom-ready positioning systems and components

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    in custom optoelectronics. Japan’s lead in high-volume consumer optoelectronics and related technologies gives the Ukraine, and Belarus, rather than on assessing them from a competitive viewpoint. In the past four years, we

    of Posters Posters A Single Molecule Dynamics A01-001 Analysis of Force Curves Obtained on Red Blood Cells by Single Molecule Force Spectroscopy Rehana Afrin and Atsushi Ikai Laboratory of Biodynamics,Graduate School of Bioscience and XII(Bar-Cohen). . . . . . . . 1-28 7643 Active and Passive Smart A custom automated characterization program has been developed to enable rapid Millimeter-scale prototypes have been fabricated so as to show a resonance and fabricated, and this compressor could operated with the electic power 7[bar] and a pressure ratio of about . The dimensions of the after of custom software applications that automate the control of a cryo . Custom electronics and software are combined with a digital micromirror device (DMD) and a single element sensor This ROIC has been designed and fabricated with a standard 1P3M process, compatible to 15um pitch InGaAs final He has made contributions to research on semiconductor laser diodes, guided wave and grating devices and to the Custom optics; Materials and chemicals; Metrology and testing equipment; Nano- and microtechnology; X-ray optics and Cretan Workshop on: Global Challenges & Opportunities for Nanotechnology 3rd IC4N Book of Abstracts 2011 THIRD INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FROM NANOPARTICLES AND NANOMATERIALS TO NANODEVICES AND NANAOSYSTEMS June 26 - June 30

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    1FiO/LS 2016 • 16–21 October 2016 Table of Contents Check the Mobile App for regular updates. Program updates and changes through 13 October may be found on the Conference Program Update Sheet distributed in the registration